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I want to blow your mind by showing you how the smallest difference in your hair brushes can make or break the quality and style of your hair. There are styling brushes and detangling brushes, which can both be used on hair that is anywhere from wet to dry. Typically the two main elements in a hair brush are the tension and the quality. Not only do hair brushes come in different materials (silicone, metal, ceramic, wood, etc.), they can also have different tensions that smooth your hair out either straight or with waves. Detangling brushes, which should be the first brush to hit your hair post shower, now have so many more components, that truly make all the difference. If done correctly, not only are you protecting your strands in the long run, but you’re also setting your hair up for even better styling. Although I’m not a fan of brushing your hair while wet, here are a list of Tangle Teezer brushes I consider to be the exceptions, as they are incapable of damaging your hair either way. 

My top three based on your hair type:

The Ultimate Detangler Fine & Fragile – For Those With Fine Hair

This brush is specially made for thin and finer hair that is most fragile and can’t withstand the regular sized teeth of other brushes. The teeth on this brush are slightly more soft and flexible in order to prevent breakage and pulling, although very gentle on your hair. This brush will easily detangle and never irritate a sensitive scalp. Keep it in the shower to help distribute your conditioner through your ends. 

The Ultimate Detangler – For Those With Thick, Long Hair

This brush comes in three sizes and is ideal for thick, curly or long hair. If you’ve never used a Tangle Teezer before, there really is no way to accurately describe how easy and effective they are on your hair. They make brushing more enjoyable, while also protecting your hair. The ultimate detangler brush has 325 two-tiered teeth that are super flexible, yet still get the job done. In addition to reducing breakage and detangling your hair super quickly, these are also lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to clean. 

Naturally Curly Detangler – For Those With Naturally Curly Hair

For my curly ladies, this brush was made specifically for you, with longer and more firm teeth! Created with your curls in mind, this detangling brush is perfect for anyone with 3C to 4C hair types, as it helps to get through the density of your hair without disrupting your curl pattern. This slight difference makes such a huge impact and leaves your hair more protected when detangling and brushing. The Naturally Curly Detangler also helps to prep your hair for the perfect air dry without creating any frizz!

So now that you have an idea of which type of brush you’d like to try, next I want to make sure you keep in the most important rules of brushing. 

Expert Rules for Brushing your Hair.

  1. Any kind of difficult and stubborn tangle or knot shouldn’t be brushed through, but rather pulled apart using your fingers. Brushing will only reinforce an existing knot. Pulling the few strands of hair apart in different directions using your fingers will easily undo any mess in the hair. Try it next time you get a tiny knot – It’s the best hack that prevents you from really tearing your hair. Thank me later!
  2. Always brush your hair starting at the ends and work your way up, especially when wet!
  3. Your hair doesn’t rely on your ‘natural oils’ for optimal health. Avoid brushing your hair from the root the day after wash day, as you will spread the oil from your roots, which ultimately affects your hair style.
  4. Keep a scalp scrubber and massager in the shower at all times! This helps distribute your shampoo or scalp exfoliant more easily and slough off dead skin cells and build-up.
  5. When drying your hair, always direct the air from your blow dryer in the same direction you are brushing – down! This will help keep the cuticles smooth and result in a frizz-free finish. 
  6. Don’t use just any brush on your hair. Make sure the brush you choose is the right one for your specific hair type! The right brush can really simplify your hair routine far beyond what you could ever imagine. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you put these tips to the test!

Leave me any feedback on the brushes once you’ve tried them and as always, let me know if you have any other questions!

–  Shab

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