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In this episode.
Kornelija aka koko is a former make-up artist and beauty expert who moonlights as a content creator, podcaster, dating coach, and supporter of all things female empowerment. An educated consumer and beauty junkie at heart, she loves to share her daily life, advice and a few funny moments with a diverse international audience. She has created a trusted female follower base who look to her not only for beauty tips or her favorite products and techniques, but most importantly, ways to boost their confidence and improve their self worth. Kornelija’s niche is simple and effective, she promotes missions she believes in and that empower women to live their best high standard lives. she is beautiful and strong on the inside an out, her hair is gorgeous, we talk managing hair in the humid Miami weather, female confidence and relationship advice. Follow her @kokobeaute on all socials. Watch this episode here.

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