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EP 28 – Hair Extensions- Everything You Need to Know with Expert Ashley Diana

Welcome to my first episode on all things hair extensions. Because theres a right way and wrong way of having them professionally done and nothing is worth damaging your own actual hair in the process. Joining me today is the well known Ashley Diana the founder of Rich Stylist Academy, the #1 mentorship for hair extension professionals around the world. Ashley has a unique perspective on the hair industry through her own decade of hair extension experience as well as through coaching thousands of stylists in their hair extension business and technique.

She is also the host of the affirmation babe podcast which offers short mindful and motivational affirmations to help reprogram your mind for abundance so you can attract everything you want it your life.

In this episode:

We get down to the nitty gritty of extensions and answer all your questions regarding the different methods and techniques, the different types of hair out there, and which one is ideal for you. We also discuss how to properly maintain and take care of your extensions while protecting your own hair and we even get into what to expect from a truly professional consultation. Which is the most important part of the whole process.

Follow my guest Ashley’s blog and personal page @missashleydiana Or @missashleyhair for all things extensions.

Watch this episode on YouTube here.

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