Join Leona founder Shab Reslan on her show all about women’s hair health and wellness.
With top experts in the industry sharing their experiences, treatments and helpful tips.

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EP 24 - Babies' And Children's Scalp Conditions With Dr. Ana Maria Temple

Today we are talking all things baby hair and scalp conditions. My guest Dr. Ana Maria Temple is a holistic pediatrician, best selling author, mother of 3, an award winning speaker at Harvard Club of Boston, and has had over 100 TV News and Podcast appearances. From 2016-2017 she lived and worked in the New Zealand medical system where she started putting functional medicine into practice. In her 22 year career she has treated over 36,000 patients in person and hundreds via online courses. Her passion is to inspire, educate and empower mamas to revamp their families health and prevent children from developing chronic disease. You’re going to love her healthy and holistic approach to pediatric care.

We’re discussing:

Recommended maintenance for a baby scalp
Products to use/avoid
Natural remedies
Thoughts on medicated products
Probiotics/diet and eczema

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EP 23 - Skin and Scalp Eczema What to Use And Lose For Relief With Abby Tai

Today along with my guest Abby Tai, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, we are talking all things scalp and skin eczema. This is a subject where many need clarification on in identifying it, things that can aggravate it, food and ingredients to avoid, natural remedies and solutions and how to wean off of topical steroids which are only exacerbating the issue. Something I knew nothing about.Abby has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine, Self Magazine, WebMD, Everyday Health, and Thought Catalog. She is the creator of Eczema Conquerors, which was recently voted one of the top 20 eczema websites. She also hosts The Eczema Podcast, which has over 100,000 listens and half a million views on YouTube. You can find more info by visiting
You can find abby on IG @eczemaconquerors And be sure to follow me and connect on my Ig account @shabhairexpert. Subscribe to my hair blog The Leona Way- to find the latest expert and science backed hair tips and recommendations.

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EP 22 - Negative Hair and Health Impacts from your Shower Head With Nevin Eckert

An image of a man dressed in yellow shirt

This show is all about the effects water quality has on our hair and on health. Have you noticed either while traveling or if you’ve recently moved homes, that your hair reacts differently. Water quality can differ from country to country never mind cities within the same state. It can affect the quality and color of your hair, and even affect your hair growth due to the contaminants left behind. My guest Nevin Eckert has been researching holistic health, water quality and emerging water technologies for 23 years. His mission is to invoke higher levels of water consciousness to people worldwide. Creating a “Fountain of Youth” in a residence or business, water systems for renowned chefs and food productions are his specialties.

In this episode you can learn about the negative effects contaminated water can have on your overall health, how to know if your water should be treated, what exactly can be found in your water, and how our water becomes contaminated regardless of all the regulations in place. Im obsessed about this conversation, I’ve witnessed many people suffer from hair loss, hair damage and skin issues (myself included) and I couldn’t wait to bring this info to light for us all to better understand, and make informed decisions going forward. Here we go.

You can find more info by visiting and feel free to email Nevin for more info:

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EP 21 - Hair Transplantation for Women with NYC's Dr. Yael Halaas

Todays episode features a woman I admire and have great respect for, Dr. Yael Halaas, she is recognized as one of the best facial plastic surgeons in New York City. Utilizing her Latin American heritage and art history training, Dr. Halaas has a special interest in the treatment of the aging face in both women and men of all ethnicities and skin types. Her advanced education and continued training make her an expert in the complex areas of primary and reconstructive rhinoplasty, cutting-edge technologies, and both the medical and surgical treatment of hair loss.

In this episode you can learn about the entire process of hair transplantation for women, the most common causes of hair loss Dr Halaas is witnessing, expected results and recovery, her thoughts on biotin supplementing, and the latest in other hair regrowth products and services. 

You can find more info by visiting

Follow her office on IG @drhalaas 

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EP 20 - Curly Hair Products and Ingredients with Gaby Longsworth of

You are going to absolutely love todays episode featuring Dr. Gaby Longsworth the owner of  Absolutely Everything She is a mom, wife, Ph.D. Scientist, Certified Hair Practitioner, and a biotech/pharmaceutical patent attorney. Absolutely Everything Curly is the unbiased and science-backed go-to source, for people with all types of curly, and wavy hair. It is a subscription-based educational space created to help those with all types of curly/wavy hair to discover and embrace their hair in its natural form while saving time and money in the process. In this episode we get deep on what ingredients to look for, how to identify products for your hair type and if they’re even working. We even chat about Gaby’s favorite hair accessories and the journey to graying gracefully for those of you who would like to eventually do this or have already begun.

Check out Gaby’s site at Her facebook group where she can answer all your questions: Please leave me a review or any suggestions wherever you watch/listen from. YOU CAN NOW SUBSCRIBE TO MY EXCLUSIVE MONTHLY HAIR HEALTH NEWSLETTER AT BLOG.LEONA.CO where I share the latest to help transform your hair. Follow me @shabhairexpert on IG to stay connected. BIG shout out to this episode’s sponsor @urbanalchemyofficial -a 100% customizable haircare experience for everyone. Find them here.

EP 19 - Postpartum Hair Loss – How to Manage & Prepare For It With Prenatal & Postpartum Dietitian, Lily Nichols

This one goes out to all the women out there listening that are thinking about having a baby, are currently pregnant, about to give birth or have already been through it all. Postpartum hair loss is something all mothers must face. Around 3-4 months after giving birth women start to notice major hair shedding,
as the hair cycle begins to correct itself since hormones begin balancing out postpartum.

The hair should grow back in its original healthy state, unless your health has been deprived in any way. Most women aren’t even aware of exactly what it takes to ensure their utmost healthy recovery. I have one of the greatest experts in the US, Lily Nichols, to break it all down for you from preconception all the way through to months postpartum. This episode is so fascinating and is sure to give you clarity, peace of mind and a better understanding of the beautiful human body. Find out more info on

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EP 18 - How Growth Factors Are Preventing Hair Loss, With James Bartholomeus Of Kera Factor

We are talking all about growth factors, what they mean, what they do and how they help you grow better hair. I was fascinated by the different type of growth factors, how to spot the most effective ones (since they can be very expensive ingredients) and how they can help any and everyone with their hair goals. Pre-post hair transplant surgery, temporary thinning, chronic hair loss, boosting and
amping up your hair – whatever your goals,
growth factors can help! 

We also touch on what the future of hair growth products look like and what we can expect from the industry. My guest, James Bartholomeusz, is a physicist and chemist who has worked in the medical aesthetic industry for the last 20 years. He has overseen the creation and development of industry leading energy based devices. He has also consulted for some of the largest aesthetic device manufactures including Cutera and Lutronic. In 2013, due to his own issues with scalp health, which lead to hair loss, James started working on a specific scalp stimulating formula using unique biomimetic growth factors for hair and scalp health. He now serves as the CEO of skinQRI- the brand responsible for the development of @Kerafactor hair growth products. 

Good hair days ahead for sure. This got me very excited 🙂 
Enjoy and leave me a review or any suggestions
wherever you watch/listen to your podcasts from.

Happy listening!

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EP 17 - Big Hair Brands Vs. Indie Hair Brands, With The Founders Of The Inky List

There are so many products out there and the price range can be insanely vast. In this episode I wanted to explore the world of product development with you guys in order to gain clarity on why we are subjected to many different prices, what are we actually paying for and how a brand that sells everything for under $15 really does it?

Join me and the founders of blowout Indie skin and hair brand, The Inkey List.

The reason I wanted to have these two on the show is for us to get a better understanding of how a brand can keep their prices so low and what actually goes into that process including product development and manufacturing standards we should all be aware of as consumers. We also chat about the best ingredients to really make a difference for scalp health and we finished with their idea of what the future holds for haircare. Become a well equipped consumer with this episode! Enjoy and leave me a review or any suggestions wherever you watch/listen from.

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EP 16 - Challenges And Solutions For Textured Hair, With The Founder Of Eden Bodyworks, Jasmine Lawrence

We discuss the greatest day to day hair challenges, why hair education is so important for the consumer, as well as why communication with your hairstylist is so crucial for the long term health of your hair. Jasmine shares her favorite protective hair styles and how she creates her own looks.

We talk about weaning off extensions and the safe way to incorporate them into your hair routine. We also talk about the safest ways to relax or straighten your hair and how to devise a plan to maintain your hair throughout the years. Jasmine also shares her top techniques, tips and tricks as well as her favorite products. We even discussed The Crown Act, and how it’s impacted the lives of many women across the US. Happy listening!

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EP 15 - How To Heal Your Metabolism And Grow Your Best Hair With Author And Nutritionist, Kate Deering

For over 28 years Kate Deering has been involved in the health and fitness industry, helping men and women of all ages achieve optimal health and wellness. Her practice is based on a holistic approach to health and wellness by looking at the entirety of a person’s well-being. 

Kate was someone who over-exercised and restricted her diet in order to look the way she wanted, but once she learned what happens to the body when you strictly focus on the exterior components, it changed her approach forever. We haven’t had the privilege to truly understand how the body functions and what being healthy really means. You’re in for a ride. I love this episode. It’s a real talk about how to be healthy, what to focus on, markers that really matter and things you can do right now to head towards the healthy you that can achieve your goals the heathy and sustainable way.

Let me know if this moves and excites you
like it did me.

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EP 14 - The 5 Hair Rules I’ve Learned As A Trichology's A Solo Episode On How I’ve Transformed My Client’s Lives

This episode focuses on the 5 key hair rules that can make or break your hair. They are the top hair hacks that I now swear by because
I’ve been able to apply them and test them
out ever since I became a trichologist.

The 5 rules are:
1. Pay attention to your Scalp.
2. Pay attention to baby hairs.
3. Never blow-dry your hair wet.
4. Everyone should be using a scalp topical.
5. Ultimate hair requires a holistic approach.

Listen in to find out what these rules really mean, why you should be aware of them and how to apply them. I also share a favorite new hair tool I’ve been loving because it makes hair styling easier and less damaging.

This episode is ideal for everyone including hairstylists. It offers a great perspective on what really matters when it comes to hair health.
Things both hairstylists and you the
consumer should be mindful of. 

Hope you enjoy this short and sweet episode.
Happy listening!

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EP 13 - A Healthy Gut For Your Body And Mind With Registered Dietitian, Dr. Heather Finley

In more recent studies about healthy hair growth, there has been a huge shift from focusing on decreasing stress to protecting the gut. In my field, the focus has been on ensuring proper nutrition and supplementation, but without a healthy and strong gut microbiome, none of that effort matters.

In more recent studies about healthy hair growth, there has been a huge shift from focusing on decreasing stress to protecting the gut. In my field, the focus has been on ensuring proper nutrition and supplementation, but without a healthy and strong gut microbiome, none of that effort matters.

Hair requires specific nutrients in order to grow strong, smooth, thick and shiny. Your follicles also require the right nutritional support in order to continue growing great quality hair.

My guest Dr. Heather Finley answers the most important questions about how to optimize your gut. We chat about the gut-brain axis, a healthy diet that helps with bloating, constipation and nutrient absorption, stomach acid and of course her number one life altering tip that she will never go back on. Dr. Finley is a registered dietician, gut health specialist and sought-after speaker on the topics of constipation, bloating, gut health, integrative nutrition, functional medicine and nutrition. Dr. Heather has a doctorate in clinical nutrition, and managed to turn her own digestive health issues from her life’s biggest challenges into her life’s work and passion.

Follow her on instagram @gutbrain.nutrition.

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EP 12 - How Autoimmune Disorders Effect Your Health And Hair With Autoimmune Expert Dr. Donna Mazzola

Auto-immune disorders are growing by 19% each year and take 8-10 years to be properly diagnosable. That is why I sought out the expert Dr. Donna Mazzola who is a Pharmacist with a Master’s degree in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition and a Master’s in Business Administration.

After obtaining a Doctorate in Pharmacy, Donna realized that medicine has a place in healing, but it’s the balance between nutrition and medicine that impacts disease. Following a diagnosis with Hashimoto’s in 2015, she realized it was difficult to find reputable scientific information to support her healing journey. As a result, she created the blog to become that source.

Drautoimmunegirl is a blog with a mission to identify the root cause of disease and empower you to take control of your health!This conversation is all about immunity, auto immune disorders, and disorders that negatively affect your hair. We cover important topics such as: How you can protect your immune system. What is really happening in your body so you can better understand the path to health. Hashimoto’s and the effects on hair. Signs of thyroid imbalances from your hair. How to advocate for yourself when seeking professional advice either with a doctor or holistic practitioner and how you don’t need to strictly rely on medications. We finish with the most positive life altering change Donna has made that she will never cease to do. It’s a new age in health and wellness and I absolutely love learning about how to better take care of oneself. Listen in- I know you’ll take away so much like I did. Follow Dr. Donna on instagram @drautoimmunegirl

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EP 11 - What Your Menstrual Cycle Is Telling You With Hormone Expert Meg Langston

Not your typical conversation! Learn more about your body, what is happening hormonally, what to do about it and how it all ties to the health of your hair.  All I can say after recording this episode, is that I wish I knew what I know now, a lot earlier in life. My incredible guest,
Meg Langston is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner. 

She works with women to help restore their metabolic health in order to recover from hormone imbalances, restore periods and recover digestive dysfunction. She believes the body talks back to symptoms and through body literacy and a food first approach healing and feeling their best self can happen. She opened my eyes to all the health signs you can recognize through your menstruation cycle. We discuss what a healthy cycle means, what minerals our body’s become depleted in and why, what threatens ovulation, tips on supplementing correctly and how to check for a thyroid imbalance on your own! It’s an empowering episode where I realized just how easily we can gauge whats happening on the inside and what our body is trying to tell us. We draw these connections to the changes in hair and take things to a whole new level. I have not be able to stop talking about what I’ve learned because it affects all women!
Follow meg’s IG for incredible tips: @meg_langston

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EP 10 - A Healthy Approach to Diet With Nutritionist, Author And Health Coach Liana Werner-Gray

In this episode we focus on what being healthy means and the right way to approach a diet. Featuring the incredibly knowledgeable and experienced Liana Werner-Gray who is a certified nutritionist, natural food chef and four-time Best-selling author of The Earth Diet, 10-Minute Recipes, Cancer-Free with Food (foreword by Mark Hyman, MD.), and most recently Anxiety-Free with Food. Liana overcame many health issues, including a tumor, chronic fatigue, disorderly eating, digestive issues, and weight loss through nutrition; she believes that food is medicine.

We chat all about what eating natural means and the right mindset to approach a healthy lifestyle. She makes connections between diet and hair that can instantly have a positive effect on the quality and longevity of your hair. I talk about all the reasons why I believe her book “The Earth Diet’ to be a most unique ‘diet’ book that both inspires and educates while providing delicious recipes.
Check her out on

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EP 9 - Facial Hair. Brows, Lashes And Peach Fuzz Secrets With Celebrity Makeup Artist Andrea Tiller

The ultimate guide to all things facial hair! I had a blast and learned so much with my special guest, celebrity makeup artist, Andrea Tiller. She has blessed the faces of major talent including Amy Schumer, Olivia Palermo, America Ferrara and Allison Williams. She has traveled the world and is recognized in the beauty and fashion industry for having the ability to create a range of exceptional and diverse looks, from bold and graphic to glowing and natural Make-Up looks, with her work being featured in some of the hottest magazines.

We have an in-depth and honest conversation about all the ins and outs of facial hair. She shares some of her favorite products and her celeb tips and tricks for brow and lash hair. She also guides us through what your personal brow shape should look like. We even talk about ‘lady shaving’ and why you should start this at-home beauty hack! There’s no shame in this episode and its full of amazing tips. Listen-in and have fun with us!

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EP 8 - Shab’s Top 5 Hair Hacks For The Winter Season

The winter season requires different maintenance for our hair in order to make it cooperate. This subject is something people reach me for all the time. Living in NYC, we are exposed to dry heat indoors, and whipping, freezing winds when outdoors.

Both these environments can negatively affect our hair all season. These are my current top 5 winter hair hacks that help me get through the winter by protecting my locks. Every step you take has a huge impact on the overall health of your hair. I explain what happens to our scalps in the winter, products I love and who they’re suited for and how to use them.

This episode isn’t sponsored just another sponsored post, instead it’s a tried, tested and true list of my faves. I also share some tips and tricks for managing your hair that will simplify your life and get you one step closer to beautiful, healthy and cooperative hair. Head over to my Amazon Shop to find these products!

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EP 7 - Hair And Diet: The Connection with Dietician And Author Jessica Cording

Jessica Cording is a registered dietitian, health coach, and writer with a passion for helping people streamline their wellness routine and establish a balanced relationship with food and exercise. She makes drama-free healthy living approachable and enjoyable.

This is one of my favorite interviews. This episode is packed with free nutritional advice that anyone can benefit from. We talk about diet and hair health, her experiences with clients, and how to approach diets and different food types. She also shares with us a few easy to digest tips on managing stress and how to incorporate tiny practices into your day to really make the best version on your fabulous self. 

For more information on this amazing being who understands that we don’t have time for radical changes or diets, that we are all human, busy with our lives and we need guidance more than anything, go to her website. Follow Jessica on Instagram and follow us for the latest on all things hair health: @hairlikeherspodcast.

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EP 6 - Scalp Micropigmentation. The New Technique Making Hair Appear Fuller With Dr. Nikki Hill

Micropigmentation, if you’ve never heard of this term before, is basically small pigments applied to your scalp. It’s incredibly popular as it’s blown up actually. I’ve seen so many people with it, but there are too many people performing it and I personally had to find out what the correct and safe way of having it done consisted of. Life is full of hacks and this is just another fine one.

To answer all my questions, my guest, Dr. Nikki D. Hill is the most knowledgeable person around. She is a board-certified dermatologist, hair transplant surgeon, and medical hair restoration expert nationally recognized for the diagnosis and management of hair loss conditions.

She is the founder of the Skin of Culture and Hair Center (SOCAH Center) in Atlanta, GA, where she focuses on the needs of hair loss patients. She knows way too much about hair loss treatments especially about this specific one involving tattooing the scalp to appear thicker and fuller. Sounds crazy? It’s actually an incredibly clever solution. Listen in to hear who this is for, what it feels like and what you can expect.

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EP 5 -Safe And Clean Hair Products. How and Why. With Helen Reavey of Act + Acre

Clean and safe hair products are starting to pop up out of nowhere. What does it mean to be clean and safe and what are the benefits? This episode features a fellow hairstylist Helen Reavey who is not only an accomplished international fashion and editorial hairstylist but she understands how your hair and scalp health depends on your daily hair products. She created a product line that is so safe and chock full of powerful ingredients. Check out Act + Acre.

We discuss the difference in your conventional hair products vs. the new standards of today. Find out what to look for in a good shampoo, conditioner and scalp detox. Listen in to learn how to get the most out of your products and the correct way to shampoo and condition according to each hair type, the reasons why you want to pay attention to your scalp, and what it takes to grow healthier and thicker hair. Helen also shares her number one hair hack! Its jam packed and I think both consumers and hairdressers alike will really enjoy this one for so many reasons.

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EP 4 - Chemo And Hair Loss With Caroline Ruggiero

This episode is regarding a touchy subject. I like touchy subjects because no one wants to talk about them. If you have not have gone through this personally, chances are you know of someone who is or has. We discuss the experience a cancer patient goes through when losing their hair from chemo.

Joining me is the best person around, a true expert, Caroline Ruggiero who is the co-owner of Truly your Hair and Scalp clinic in Toronto. A one of a kind clinic that has an unprecedented method of treatment in helping clients through their journey from top to bottom. They embody female empowerment. Caroline takes us through the whole process of prepping for chemo, ordering a hair system (a wig) to wear, the amazing new customized wigs available today, and what kind of help is out there. I loved learning about all the options and how at ease they put their clients. 

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EP 3 - Round Patchy Hair Loss? A Common Form of Hair Loss, With Professor Rodney Sinclair

Hair loss can occur in many different patterns on our scalps. One of the most common results caused by an auto-immune disorder is known as Alopecia Areata. It’s random and can happen to anyone. It doesn’t happen all over your head at once, but instead it only appears in small round patches.  The reason I wanted to approach this subject is because many people have seen it and experienced it but few truly understand it.

Join me with my guest, professor Rodney Sinclair, as we discuss why it happens, who it happens to, how to prevent it and what your body is telling you. He also shares new groundbreaking discoveries in hair loss treatments. 

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EP 2 - PRP For Thicker, Fuller Hair With Dr. Neel Bector

This episode focuses on the popular PRP treatment for stimulating healthier hair growth. My guest, Dr. Neel Bector, is not only an experienced leading expert in administering PRP injections but he also trains other professionals on this type of treatment. He explains what PRP is exactly, the different ingredients that can be added to the treatment, the proper way of performing the service, how to screen a professional and whether it should be painful or not. We also discuss the ideal candidate for this service and the success rates. Listen in to not only learn about this latest treatment for hair growth but to also find out the scoop on the latest breakthrough research that is set to change the future of hair loss.

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EP 1 - Creating Access To Your Best Hair. Meet Shab Reslan

My very first episode to introduce you to what Hair Like Hers is all about and what you can expect. I explain why its time to talk about the health of women’s hair and the related issues, why changes are happening with our scalps and hair, and why we need to be more conscious shoppers of hair products. I also share very interesting statistics on hair loss and scalp issues. Learn all about the new emerging way of taking care of your hair. Listen in to hear how every woman, luscious locks or not, can benefit from every episode. 

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