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This episode:

Looking back on all the topics and info from the past year just blew me away. We have covered so many crucial topics in addressing the evolution of women’s health and how they all tie into the health and quality of your hair. Ive gathered the most vital snippets from the top 4 episodes of 2022.

Beginning with :

Postpartum hair loss with registered dietician and nutritionist lily Nichols on how to manage and prepare for it. Learn about protein needs and collagen.Skin and scalp eczema with registered holistic nutritionist Abby Tai and what to use and lose for relief. We discuss causes, detox pathways and balancing your skin pH.Weight loss without hair loss with functional medicine health coach and psychotherapist Jill Bunny on how to safely and effectively reach your diet goals. Learn about restrictive diets and diet myths.Negative hair and health impacts of your shower water with water specialist Nevin Eckert. Learn more on contaminants in our water, a water filtration system and how water affects health.Watch this episode on Youtube here.

I want to thank you for listening and for supporting the show. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.

Watch this episode on YouTube here.

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