Hair loss is one of the many side effects of rapid weight loss. Any shock to the body, be it eating less, cutting certain foods, trying a new diet or changing your eating windows drastically affects your hair before any other noticeable symptoms. I invited my guest Jill Bunny- famously known for coaching women on weight loss, to gain insight on rapid weight loss and her approach to living what she calls ‘your 2.0 life’.

Jill’s history and experience makes her a unique expert in her field. A cover model and professional athlete turned weight loss therapist, Jill has an incredible story about overcoming dieting rules, food obsession, and weight fluctuations.

Through her journey with an eating disorder, cancer, and MS, she discovered that there was more to life than constantly thinking of food or being a certain number on the scale. Through her research, education, and relentless perseverance, she learned to re-program the female brain to achieve lifelong body fat reduction without dieting, deprivation, or discipline.

Jill is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Psychotherapist, and a CBT Neuroscience expert. She is known for creating the Neuro-Slim Solution that transforms women’s relationships with food to live their 2.0 life.

In today’s episode, Jill drops some compelling insights that will help listeners re-fuel their overtired diet brains! She’s from Toronto and I admire her so much! Follow her on IG now @jillbunny2.0 you will love her advice and content.

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