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This episode is dedicated to all my textured hair girls both consumers and hairstylists. I brought my guest Stephanie Laflora on the show to talk all about her platform Crownhunt which is serving the hair industry by providing continuing education for hair stylists or anyone interested to learn how to style curly and coily hair. Lesson are offered virtually with some of the best educators in the industry and in the future you can expect a database of hairstylists to match with local consumers.

After being rejected for service at five separate salons due to her 4C textured hair for Stephanie LaFlora realized that something was terribly wrong with the beauty industry. Driven to solve the problems of her own customer experience and already a serial entrepreneur, storyteller, marketer, and creator, Stephanie founded Crownhunt to make life easier for people with curly hair while helping under-resourced entrepreneurs thrive.

Alongside her business partner and long time friend, Ryan Holdeman, Stephanie has spent the last decade building multi-sided platforms and working with partners to develop new business models using her background in data-driven product development and strategy. To that end, Crownhunt is a digital marketplace for textured hair, built to help existing hair entrepreneurs reach the 65% of the population with textured hair and to get their products, services, and education to the right people, more effectively.

Listen to learn about how to identify a good textured hairstylist and what you should expect. we breakdown how her platform can help hairstylists become the best at their craft, we chat about he biggest struggles women with textured hair are facing today and the decrease in hair straightening services as well as what hair trends are emerging. Stephanie is such an amazing entrepreneur on the right track to positively impacting the hair world. This is a great resource and I hope you enjoy the episode.

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