Welcome to my show all! This episode features PCOS expert, Cory Ruth, a registered dietitian Nutritionist and women’s health expert. Cory is the founder and principal of The Women’s Dietitian and Instagram account @thewomensdietitian, a private practice and digital platform for women seeking nutrition support for hormone balance, PCOS, fertility, and weight management. She specializes in PCOS and nutrition therapy for infertility and assisted reproductive technology. Cory is also the creator of the successful online programs Get Pregnant with PCOS and The PCOS Boss Academy- It is through these programs that she is able to help countless women on their journeys to weight loss and fertility with PCOS. Recently, Cory has launched a PCOS supplement and protein powder line called Vita-PCOS to further support women with PCOS symptom management.

In this episode, we talk all about PCOS and dive deep into..

1. What exactly is PCOS

2. Definite symptoms vs. misdiagnoses.

3. Experience with clients and hair loss/thinning.

4. Most prevalent symptoms as of late.

5. Common causes.

6. Thoughts on avoiding medication.

7. Diet and remedies. Every women can greatly benefit from listening to this episode.

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