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One would think that nothing beats the personal touch of a scalp massage until they use an actual scalp massager device that outweighs the use of digits in every way. Their rise in popularity is due to their undeniable variety of benefits such as relaxing and relieving tension in your head, deep cleaning the scalp, and also helping stimulate hair growth and increasing product absorption.

A scalp massage is the single most underrated yet effective hair growth hack that can really do wonders. A relaxing scalp massage will not only release tension in your head and feel great, but it will stimulate the scalp and encourage blood circulation to the hair follicle (the pocket your hair grows out of), increasing nutrient intake. This boost of stimulation to your hair follicle only promotes stronger and healthier hair growth. As long as the device is gentle on the scalp, scalp massagers will always be more effective than using your hands. 

The two best methods of using a scalp massager can be right after you apply your shampoo for a deeper, more effective clean, or following your conditioner application so you can relax and allow the conditioner to penetrate your hair cuticle in the meantime. After your first try at using a scalp massager, your scalp can immediately clear up if you’re prone to build-up and flaking. Long-term benefits after at least 4 months of consistent use will result in stronger hair growth, a healthier scalp environment and protection against any weakening of your follicles.  

A scalp massager can also increase the benefits of any hair product by either helping a cleanser clean even deeper or allowing a topical to penetrate the scalp more effectively. If you use a scalp topical after washing your hair, you can apply it first then follow with the massager to ensure the best penetration and coverage. For those who shampoo infrequently, I would suggest a bi-weekly clarifying shampoo and a scalp massager at the same time to give your scalp and hair the best exfoliation and prevent excess build-up.

While I love scalp massagers, it’s important to know how much is too much. A little extra pressure while cleansing the scalp can go a long way as long as you’re not overdoing it and making your scalp sore. It is an extension of your face after all and must be treated just as delicately. Any rigorous massage or even the use of sharp objects such as a rough brush or your nails, could overstimulate your scalp (causing over-production of sebum) or cause irritation, which can damage your hair follicles in the long run.

To those experiencing hair loss or aiming for thicker hair, I recommend giving your scalp an extra 30 seconds of TLC in the shower, whether you’re using a device or not. It is scientifically proven to make a difference in your hair growth over time. Scalp stimulation is however only part of the complete at-home program to grow your best hair which includes supplements, a special topical, a laser device as well as clean and nourishing shampoos and conditioners. 

Consistency is the key to amazing hair. When you give your hair special attention every single day, you will notice stronger, thicker and longer hair after 6-12 months. Our hair is an often neglected system in our body and it’s up to us to provide it with extra care and essential nutrients and ingredients both internally and externally. If you care about the current and future condition of your hair, you should definitely try massaging your scalp/investing in a scalp massager, in addition to taking hair supplements, adding a hair growth topical after every wash, and using a low-level light laser device a few minutes a day. These few steps can go a long way in your journey to growing your best hair.

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Enjoy shower time even more!

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