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Women are taught to take such great care of both their bodies and health while preparing to conceive and during pregnancy itself, but what about the postpartum period and beyond? The postpartum period is almost always completely neglected when really, the body needs attention more than ever during this time. The most overlooked and dismissed reality of being postpartum is the inevitable hair loss. The increase in estrogen during pregnancy causes your hair to shed less as it prolongs the growth phase of the hair cycle known as “Anagen”. This increase in the growth phase, delays the full 10-15% of your hair from entering the shedding phase. This is why in most cases, women will notice thicker and fuller hair throughout their pregnancy and barely notice any hair fall. However, once postpartum, estrogen levels balance out and the hair will eventually resume its normal cycle to where it was before pregnancy. The hairs that were held back now enter the shedding phase which can take 3-4 months before an actual release of the hair, which explains why hair loss typically occurs around that time postpartum. You end up losing all of the hair you normally shed, but this time the delay causes a more dramatic look especially around the hairline, which is why the results can sometimes be really devastating to so many new moms. 

But don’t fret new moms – Rest assured, the hair will grow back! However, it’s important to keep in mind that continued stress or a neglected diet can affect the new growth. Your body is going through a healing and repairing process like never before. It’s essential to be mindful of what you’re eating as well as your nutrient intake. I suggest new moms have their doctors perform a full blood panel, so they can check their levels and ensure the following are balanced:

B vitamins: Biotin, B6, B7, B12, B9



Vitamin A

Vitamin D3




Increased amounts of omnivorous protein (up to 30g per meal)

For more comprehensive information, you can watch or listen to my latest podcast episode with leading prenatal and postpartum diet expert, Lily Nichols. The podcast can be found on any platform you find your music. Click to find it on Spotify or Apple.

I’ve seen many women suffer through postpartum hair loss and I wanted to offer everything I could to ensure peace of mind and support to help relieve some stress, so you can worry about the more important things that are actually in your control.

You’ve got this. Everything will grow back just beautifully!


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