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Every blonde and brunette deals with some level of brassiness affecting their perfect color, especially when you’re on the east coast and I’ll tell you exactly why. Water plays a huge role in the way your color fades or oxidizes over time. New York water in particular is so harsh and full of minerals and heavy metals, that even just one shampoo after your salon visit is enough to alter your hair color. To my east coasters, have you not noticed your blonde quickly loses its brightness and your brown color turns red? Turns out bi-coastal hairstylists have always told me that compared to their LA clients, the New Yorkers always come back with completely different hair color from when they left. Farage is one thing – Your hair color actually washes out over time, but brassiness is more like a reaction and chemical change. Hard water leaves behind a residue on your hair and can react with your hair color by turning warmer and brassy or even making your blonde dull.

If this is something you’re experiencing, here are some tips you should try immediately:

  1. Get a shower head to help filter out the harsh stuff that not only affect your hair color, but the quality of your hair and skin. This manufacturer makes fantastic quality and well-priced ones. You can find their retailers right in that link.
  2. Avoid washing your hair with extremely hot water. You know you do it! Those of you who LOVE the scalding hot showers that steam up your entire bathroom (guilty). However, the hotter the water, the more it pulls from your pipes, which is no good for colored hair. Heat lifts your cuticles, which exposes the structure and color of your hair.
  3. Remove build-up occasionally with an easy, at-home ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse. Mix 2-3 tablespoons in a bottle of FILTERED water, and pour it over your head after rinsing your shampoo from your hair. ACV helps restore the pH balance of your hair and helps clarify build-up. It also seals your cuticle and reveals incredible shine once your hair is dry. I recommend skipping conditioner altogether when doing this as you wont need it.
  4. Use a violet based shampoo and conditioner to help neutralize the unwelcome brassy colors (golds, oranges and reds). My fave at the moment is this collection by French brand Klorane. The shampoo and conditioner are a deep violet color that won’t stain your hands but will help prevent and remove brassy tones from your hair. This is great for hair colors ranging from dark brunettes with subtle highlights to icy cool blondes. (Tip: For a more concentrated effect, squeeze all excess water out of your hair and leave the conditioner in for a few minutes before rinsing.)

I hope you get to incorporate at least one of these tips, then slowly make your way to becoming the ultimate expert of your own hair. If I can provide even the tiniest bit of positive change and influence for your hair, then I know why I’m doing all this.

Keep in touch and leave me any comments or questions below!

To great hair color always,


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