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COVID life has resulted in less visits to blow-out bars and hair salons. And that means more hair washing at home. Let’s be honest, most people look at hair washing day like a chore and do the bare minimum only to get it over with. The way you wash your hair will make or break your hair and most people aren’t even aware of this. It doesn’t start with good hair products, it starts with the way in which you apply and rinse them. I want to help make sure you’re doing it the right way – The Leona way! 

Hair washing is the most important aspect of hair care and most people have been doing it incorrectly by repeating the same process they’ve known their whole lives. Minds are blown when I explain the actual correct way to anyone. The first rule of shampooing 101 is to apply shampoo only to your roots and use the cushions of your fingers to get in there. You need to scrub your scalp and not miss your entire hair like. Meaning the front along your face, around your ears and down the back of your neck. These areas are so often neglected and I cant tell you how many clients I’ve seen over the years with some kind of flakey build-up or inflammation like psoriasis in these areas. Take your time focusing on your scalp, its the only diligent part of hair washing I recommend. I promise. The only time you may want to run the shampoo down your ends is if you’ve been using heavy styling products like oils and creams, that have created a dull coating on your hair. Always remember to shampoo hair twice as the first application will break up build-up and the second time will actually cleanse your roots. 

A constantly clogged scalp can lead to issues that many may have already experienced. Think of: sore scalp, extra itchy, flakiness or flat hair. Your roots need a clean breathing ground to grow optimal hair. Your scalp is an extension of your face and needs just as much love if not more. And when you are running the shampoo down your ends (which i do every 4 or 5 washes to remove any conditioner build-up) be extra gentle and avoid scrubbing your hair into a nest. Our cuticles are delicate much like silk fibers. If you don’t handle silk carefully, it will lose its sheen and smoothness; hair is very much the same as silk and needs to be washed gently to maintain a healthy structure. So instead of big scrubbing motions like you’re washing a dirty rag (I’ve seen too much), run the shampoo down between the palms of your hands and don’t rub your hair together. Treat her delicately!

The second most important rule in the shower is to squeeze the excess water out of your hair before applying your conditioner. Applying conditioner while your hair is soaking and dripping wet only dilutes your conditioner and you won’t see the full benefits. Hair only has the ability to absorb so much moisture at a time, so if it’s too wet, your conditioner won’t be absorbed enough and you won’t be satisfied with the end results. I dare you to try this with your existing conditioner. Before applying, really wring out any extra water. Better yet, grab your towel real quick and give it a pat dry. Then apply your conditioner, avoid your roots (unless it’s specifically formulated for on scalp application), clip your hair up and wash your body while your product does its thing. The extra few minutes combined with less water on your hair will feel like you used an entirely different product.

Think of me in the shower and let me know how it goes 



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