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You won’t see results in a month, but when you actually commit to taking them everyday, you WILL see a difference in your hair. Your hair is nourished through your blood, therefore eating intentionally can help ensure your best hair growth. This explains why a neglected/restrictive diet or vegan/vegetarian diets typically negatively affect the hair. Most of us are unable to actually get all the nutrients from food alone. The food grown today is more nutritionally depleted than ever due to chemicals, the soil and the environment. So even if you think you’re healthy and being mindful of your daily intake, chances are, you’re still not nourishing your body enough to contribute towards your hair. Not every system/organ in your body is fed the same. The body prioritizes it’s attention starting with the most to least important areas and guess what? Your hair is pretty insignificant in the overall function of your body. If your hair has become weaker or even more frizzy over the years, or has always naturally been brittle/thin/fine, it’s time to make hair supplements a regular part of your day. It’s not an overnight process. It has to become part of your life and with that said I recommend subscribing right off the bat. This saves you money and won’t let you fall off track. We all know habits are hard to develop.

See below to learn about some of the best essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy hair growth and hair loss prevention.

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B Vitamins (B7 also known as BiotinB9 also known as Folic Acid & B12 
B vitamins help grow stronger hair and can be sufficiently acquired through diet

Vitamin A
For a healthy scalp environment. Both a deficiency or over-consumption can cause hair loss.

Responsible for many bodily functions including strong hair growth. Deficiency leads to hair loss and most adults are deficient.

Vitamin D
Required for protecting hair follicles. Low levels are linked to hair loss.

Vitamin E
Full of nutrients and is one of the best vitamins for the scalp. When applied topically, it helps produce collagen and healthier skin cells for your scalp.

Amino Acids/Collagen
After prolonged vegan and vegetarian diets, people are often witnessing hair thinning and weaker hair in general as their diets lack the essential amino acids found in animal protein. Hair is made of up keratin protein, and it requires a complete diet in order to grow to its maximum potential.

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