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As a certified trichologist and scalp expert, I am definitely pleased to see that scalp health is becoming a hot topic as of lately. Both hairdressers and product brands are starting to learn more about how healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and the importance of scalp TLC.

There are two main scalps TLC steps you can incorporate into your daily routine to boost your scalp health and the overall quality of the hair your grow. The first involves a scalp massager and the second is a chemical scalp exfoliant. And trust me I know, the last thing anyone wants is having to add to their existing and exhaustive daily routine. So allow me to show you how easily you can incorporate these two without wasting any extra time.  

Scalp exfoliants are everywhere now and I don’t trust them all because as with a face exfoliant, certain ingredients can irritate or over-stimulate your scalp. And it doesn’t help that unless you have a professional assessing all areas of your scalp closely, you might not be able to see any side effects on your own. Exfoliating your scalp is crucial in removing build-up which causes a disruption in the healthy function of the hair follicles. Maintaining a clean scalp can encourage normal growth and more lift at the roots. Most people can’t recognize build-up on their hair even after they’ve just washed their hair, and depending on where you live, your water can really make it difficult to ever fully clean your hair and scalp. Using a scalp exfoliant at least once a week will ensure you’re getting the much-needed deeper clean your shampoo could never provide.  

Next, is the reason why you want to own some kind of scalp massager. I cannot stress how effective a scalp massage is in increasing blood circulation to your follicles and immediately relieving tensions headaches. If you so much as spend one minute a day using either a manual or electric scalp massager, you will hack your hair growth system bring more nutrients to your hair and release tension while decreasing inflammation in your entire body.  How and when to actually use one? Ideally, the best method to use a scalp massager is in the shower after you’ve applied your pre-shampoo exfoliant or conditioner. These are two products that need to spend more than 60 seconds in your hair and applying your scalp massager while you wait will help the scalp exfoliant effectively do its job or the conditioner to deeply penetrate your ends. One of my absolute faves tools to use on my scalp is a scalp massager. Regular scalp massages are so good for the health of your hair. You can have a friend or partner give you one while you watch your favorite show or even spend a couple of extra minutes in the shower while your conditioner is applied, and massage your scalp slowly using the cushions of your fingers. The stimulation and blood circulation promotes healthier hair and a healthier scalp. 

Infrequent hair washing is a huge detriment to the quality of your hair growth. Build-up and sebum (the oil our scalp produces) can clog your follicle and cause inflammation. Keeping your scalp in this constant state can lead to weaker and thinner hair growth over time. 

Unfortunately, we live in a blowout-bar society that promotes the use of dry shampoo as women are now trying to prolong their blowouts. Dry shampoo is directly applied to your scalp and can be very difficult to shampoo out sufficiently. I try to avoid using it as much as i can. It only contributes to clogged and inflamed follicles.

Life is too short not to be using a scalp exfoliant and the euphoric feeling of one combined with a scalp massager is something you will never regret having started.

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