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Curly hair can thrive and become the easiest to manage when treated carefully throughout every step of your daily routine. From in the shower, to putting it up, creating volume, and brushing it, there’s always a right or wrong way that makes all the difference in the appearance and quality of your hair. See below for a few accessories anyone with textured or curly hair can incorporate to simplify their hair routine and look their best. Feel free to share any other suggestions below in the comments. 

New kind of Headband. Ever just want to throw your hair up and not deal with the wild baby hairs along your edges (hair line)? A beautiful accessory that is both gentle on your hair and the environment is the Turbanette by Wrap Life that comes in so many different colors that are perfect for the spring and summer season. You can use this as a headband with your hair up or down. Great to leave hair down and pull a few curls out in front to frame the face. You can get creative with this and find inspiration on their site.

Clips for root clipping. A great way to create lift at your roots when air drying your hair naturally is using clips to set your hair. Root clipping can create a more round and fuller curly look full of body and bounce. For thinner finer hair I recommend using smaller clips like double-pronged clips vs. larger claw clips for thicker hair types. Try clipping these into your hair at the roots focusing on sections at the top of your head after towel drying and see what magic it creates when you remove them once dried. 

Frizz free brushing. Whether you need to brush your hair wet or dry but don’t want to increase the frizz or disrupt the curl from excess tension, the Thick and Curly Detangling Brush from Tangle Teezer is especially made to do that. Compared to their other brushes, this one specifically has longer and more flexible teeth as well as a shorter second tier set of teeth to smooth and keep curls defined while brushing. 

Shower cap. A shower cap unlike any other is made by the Shhhower Cap brand, offering completely waterproof designs with beautiful and fun colors. You can protect your hair from creasing or becoming frizzy in the shower by fully trusting the support of this shower cap. 

Speaking of curly, coily and wavy hair, check out the Youtube video of my podcast episode below to learn all sorts of tricks.

Embrace that curly life!


You are going to absolutely love this episode featuring Dr. Gaby Longsworth- the owner of She is a mom, wife, Ph.D. Scientist, Certified Hair Practitioner, and a biotech/pharmaceutical patent attorney. Absolutely Everything Curly is the unbiased and science-backed go-to source for people with all types of curly and wavy hair. It is a subscription-based educational space created to help discover and embrace your hair in its natural form while saving time and money in the process. In this episode we get deep on what ingredients to look for, how to identify products for your hair type and if they’re even working. We even chat about the journey to graying gracefully for those of you who would like to eventually do this or have already begun.

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BIG shout out to this episode’s sponsor@urbanalchemyofficial -a 100% customizable haircare experience for everyone. 

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